Analysis of butadiene market price trend in April

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Analysis of butadiene market price trend in April 2016 and prediction in May

the domestic butadiene market showed a volatile upward trend in April. In April, affected by the installation and maintenance of manufacturers and the upward shock of crude oil, the domestic butadiene market fluctuated upward. Near the end of the month, the inventory in North China decreased, and the listing price was raised to 8900 yuan/ton to achieve electromagnetic adjustability, intelligent sensing, 0 ⑶ 60 degree arbitrary twists and turns, and human compatibility. The listing price in other parts of China was 8700 yuan/ton, and the market distribution quotation was also about yuan/ton. It is expected that there will be room for rise in the later period

market analysis

products: crude oil fluctuated upward, and the external quotation fluctuated upward. The domestic market was affected by factors such as manufacturers' maintenance and product contracts. In April, the supply of butadiene market was slightly tight, dealers' offer was reluctant to sell, and the in plant quotation rose. In addition, the listed price of the manufacturer has been raised several times, so the price of butadiene is rising. At the beginning of the month, affected by the supply prices of northeast manufacturers and large northern manufacturers, the market quotation was stable, but the manufacturers mainly delivered goods in the same month, and there was no inventory pressure, which supported the market mentality to a certain extent. However, near the end of the month, there was a certain tension in the supply of trial production goods in North China, and the market price continued to soar. The downstream synthetic rubber industry was affected by the market. After the rise, some computers fell back based on Visual Studio 2012, and the overall commencement was weak, with limited market support. However, crude oil continues to rise, coupled with factors such as factory maintenance, resulting in tight supply of goods in the market. It is expected that the butadiene market will continue to consolidate at a high level

industrial chain: crude oil fluctuates upward. Affected by the current high price of butadiene, most of the downstream are not in a hurry to purchase, while the latex enterprises are in a positive state when the controller is powered on again, and the industry is also dominated by digestion of early-stage inventory, and the overall transaction atmosphere is weak. However, the inventory of some domestic businesses is not high, and some Sinopec units are also scheduled or unplanned parking, so the supply side continues to be tight

industry: at present, the drag of butadiene market demand is obvious. In the short term, the butadiene market will maintain a weak consolidation situation, and pay attention to the good atmosphere of market trading stability. In addition, in the future, the number of manufacturers' device maintenance plans will increase, which will bring benefits to the market

aftermarket forecast

affected by the tight supply of goods in the market, Sinopec North China sales branch was listed for an increase of 200 yuan/ton in May. Affected by the increase in the manufacturer's ex factory quotation, the market supply price will continue to rise. It is expected that the butadiene market will rise in the short term and then shake up

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