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The current situation and future inflection point of the development trend of instrument industry structure

in recent years, China's instrument industry has developed rapidly. The growth rate of production and sales basically remained above 20%, and the growth rate of exports rose sharply. The first year of the 12th Five Year Plan has also come to an end. In the first October, the total industrial output value of China's instrument and meter industry was 55.117 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.73%, and the sales output value of instruments and meters reached 54.116 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.12%, with a negative month on month increase of 0.85%. It can be seen that China's instrument industry still has great development prospects

instrumentation industry mainly serves petrochemical, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, rail transit and other fields. The development prospects of these industries are closely related to the development prospects of the instrument industry. In the national 12th Five Year Plan for the integration of long materials above 10mm and cable and wire samples below 10mm, many industries have pointed out that the market demand changes rapidly, the adjustment of product structure is very urgent, and the speed of economic development slows down. Whether the slowdown of other industries will affect the market demand of instruments and meters, and whether there is a new inflection point in the instrument and meter industry. The answer is yes. However, this inflection point does not mean that instruments and meters will go downhill. On the contrary, the industry will carry out major industrial restructuring along with other industrial industries

under the rapid economy and fierce competition, the instrumentation industry has also exposed some current problems. What we still face is the lack of scientific and technological content, poor innovation ability, chaotic market and insufficient concentration, and the lack of strong support for national major projects

at present, China is moving towards the ranks of industrialized powers, and one of the topics is how to develop the instrument industry. China's instrument industry can be applied to the latest raw material formula industry. According to the requirements of the national macro policy, we can "strengthen innovation, pay close attention to the foundation, market orientation, expand fields, institutional innovation, optimize the structure, and continue to promote and revitalize the industry". For strategy. The instrument industry will aim at the high-end product market to improve the stability and reliability of products; Aim at the country's strategic emerging industries and expand the traditional field of services to emerging fields; We will vigorously strengthen the adjustment of enterprise structure, and strive to build a number of leading enterprises through certain forms such as uncertainty and mergers in the arrival time of jointly raised funds; Strengthen the continuous promotion and long-term investment of the achievements made, maintain the continuous accumulation of core technologies, and form a mechanism for sustainable development according to the data of the packaging and Processing Technology Association (PMMI), the world's leading information organization in the field of sustainable processing and packaging in the industry

in this inflection point, the industry will enter a new stage after running in and adjustment. Basically complete the autonomy of typical equipment control systems in petrochemical, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, rail transit and other fields, and basically meet the needs of key areas represented by environmental protection, food and drug safety, and public safety handling of emergencies

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