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The current situation and level of modern precision meters

1 Introduction

nowadays, information technology has become the key technology to promote the rapid development of science and technology and national economy. How to use advanced information technology to improve and transform China's traditional manufacturing industry and realize the strategic structural adjustment of the leap forward development of productivity is an urgent task facing the equipment manufacturing industry. Mr. Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist, once pointed out that "information technology includes measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation." Adopting moderately advanced information-based digital measurement technology and products to rapidly improve the level of equipment manufacturing industry is an important development direction at present. Many famous measuring instrument and measuring tool manufacturers at home and abroad have shown some of their scientific research achievements at CIMT exhibitions in recent years. The development trend of modern measurement technology and the new trend of facing the market and users, serving the processing and manufacturing site, and the integration of measurement and processing and manufacturing process deserve our high attention and close attention

2 development trend of measuring instruments and measuring tools at home and abroad

2.1 digital measurement technology

digital measurement technology is an important and indispensable part of digital manufacturing technology; The continuous enrichment and development of digital measuring instruments and digital measuring tools are suitable for and meet the continuously improving requirements of the production site

(1) a variety of digital display measuring tools - waterproof digital caliper: the waterproof digital caliper developed by Sanfeng of Japan, TESA of Switzerland and UMP of Shenzhen of China has reached waterproof grade IP65; All kinds of digital dial indicators, dial indicators, digital inside diameter indicators, etc., with measurement data statistical processing function and print output

Sanfeng waterproof caliper UMP waterproof caliper

Guanglu digital display measuring tool series products

(2) CNC Gear Measurement Center - the gear measurement center of Klingelnberg company in Germany, m&m and mahr company in the United States. The measurement uncertainty of its instrument can reach 2 microns, which can detect all kinds of gear parts and gear cutters; The gear measuring center developed by hallow and Jingda in China has approached or reached the foreign level in terms of accuracy and measurement speed, but the accuracy retention and stability of the instrument, especially in terms of software measurement function, need to be further improved

k Factory Gear Measurement Center Harbin gear measurement center

(3) CCD digital tool setter - the measurement process of CCD digital tool setter series products of zoller, kelch and other companies is fully automated, with a tool management database, which can communicate with multiple NC machine tools, and automatically realize the closed-loop feedback of machine tool processing position parameter information

zuolu CCD digital tool setting instrument

(4) coordinate measuring machine - coordinate measuring machine is the classic product of digital measuring instruments. The main suppliers in the domestic market are hexcon Qingdao (formerly known as b&s outpost), Zeiss, mahr, LK, Xi'an Edward, 303 Institute, Shangliang and other enterprises. CMM technology has made great progress in the use of engineering ceramics, magnetic sealing new materials and new structures. The integration of multiple probes expands the measuring function of the instrument; The multifunctional, high-precision, multi coordinate comprehensive measuring instrument breaks the pattern of traditional measuring instruments; One instrument can complete the detection of various geometric parameters of the workpiece at one time, which improves the measurement accuracy and efficiency

hexcon Qingdao small CNC measuring machine mahr multi coordinate multi-function integrated measuring instrument

2.2 integration of measurement technology and manufacturing system

integrate modern measurement technology and instruments into advanced manufacturing system, so as to build a complete advanced closed-loop manufacturing system, which lays a foundation for "zero waste" manufacturing

(1) cylindrical gear/bevel gear closed-loop manufacturing system - Gleason company and Klinger bell company adopt advanced gear measurement center and corresponding gear measurement software, which are connected with CNC gear processing machine tools to realize the closed-loop manufacturing of cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear cad/cam/cai

schematic diagram of gear closed-loop manufacturing system of factory K

(2) complex NC tool closed-loop manufacturing system - the universal measuring instrument of helicheck tool produced by Walter company can realize the automatic and non-contact measurement of NC tool. Through the OTC tool compensation system, it is connected with the helitronic CNC tool grinder; After comparing the measured value with the designed value, the grinding parameters of the machine tool are corrected in real time to ensure the machining quality of the NC tool with complex profile

(3) gear shaving cutter closed-loop manufacturing system - Osaka precision machine, Japan, temporarily stabilized in other regions, connects the gear measuring instrument with the gear shaving cutter grinder through a computer to form a closed-loop gear shaving cutter grinding system: compare the measured results after initial grinding with the parameters in the gear shaving cutter database, which reflect the current competition in the power battery industry, and then correct the machining parameters of the gear grinding machine, so as to ensure that the precision grinding is qualified

2.3 in machine measurement technology

in machine measurement technology, station meter and active meter are important means to ensure processing quality in mass production. Metrological instruments enter the production site, integrate into the production line, and monitor the production process. New requirements are put forward for the high reliability, high efficiency, high precision, quality statistics function and fault diagnosis function of the instrument, and various on-line measuring instruments developed in recent years meet these requirements

(1) CMM enters the production line of large automobile panels - Bravo NT measuring machine of Brown & sharp company of the United States can measure the body size on the automobile production line and fully meet the requirements of the automobile production line for measurement rhythm, measurement accuracy and measurement reliability

bravo NT coordinate machine measures automobile body

(2) the airborne gear measuring device of gear grinding machine of big gear/formed gear - the airborne gear measuring device of gear grinding machine of German Kapp company is a typical example. The measurement system is integrated with the machine tool, which can be tested on the machine immediately after the workpiece is grinded. After the measurement information is processed, it can be fed back to the machine tool to correct the processing parameters in time. It is especially beneficial to the forming and grinding of large and heavy gears and large quantities of gears

measuring device on Kapp gear grinding machine

(3) automobile gear measuring and sorting machine - automatic gear sorting machine exhibited by ITW company of the United States (see Figure 12). As a modified gear double-sided meshing detection and sorting machine, the instrument has a special two-dimensional tooth direction measurement mechanism. In addition to measuring the radial comprehensive deviation, tooth thickness, machining burr and bump defects of gears, it can also measure the gear errors such as double meshing direction deviation and double meshing direction taper deviation, which can meet the requirements of 100% detection and automatic sorting of automotive gears in mass production

itw gear measuring sorter

(4) train wheel (hot forging and cold machining) detection system - the train wheel (hot forging and cold machining) detection system developed by Hefei University of technology for Ma'anshan Iron and steel company fills the domestic gap and meets the quality monitoring of 100% accuracy of contour shape and geometric dimension of hot forged wheel blanks and finished wheels

2.4 development of large-scale and complex geometric profile measurement technology and instruments, reverse engineering measurement technology and instruments

(1) movable, multi joint coordinate measuring machine, convenient for field use - multi joint coordinate measuring machine of poli and fardarm company adopts high-precision grating and built-in balance system, and has temperature compensation, with accuracy up to ± 0.025mm/1.2m ball; The EPT tms-100 pipe bending measurement system of Eagle precision technology company in Canada has two kinds of measuring heads, contact and infrared non-contact, as well as a part library and error correction information library that are fully compatible with the NC pipe bending machine. It can be integrated with the NC pipe bending machine into a complete and information integrated closed-loop pipe bending manufacturing system, especially suitable for the aero-engine manufacturing industry

eagle multi joint elbow measuring instrument

(2) vision measurement technology and measurement system are widely used - the measurement system of large automobile panel developed by Tianjin University. Two or more high-precision theodolites and special benchmark precision targets are used for the on-site precision calibration of measuring instruments. They have high precision and fast speed, and have been highly praised by users such as FAW Volkswagen. The project won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award. CCD visual inspection instruments for complex shape weldments, stamping dies or workpiece geometric dimensions have developed rapidly at home and abroad in recent years

American body vision measurement system

(3) laser tracking measurement instrument - API's 6-dimensional laser measurement system, Leize's laser tracking measurement instrument, with infrared laser absolute length measurement (ADM) system, can be used for the measurement of large-scale complex surface contour

API laser measurement system

2.5 laser measurement technology and instruments

with the development of laser measurement technology, nano resolution laser interferometry system has been widely used in ultra precision measurement and ultra precision machining machine tools

(1) the gold medal M10 laser interferometry system exhibited by Renishaw company in the UK is equipped with temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors with higher sensitivity and accuracy and gold medal EC10 environmental compensation device, which improves the measurement accuracy. Its frequency stabilization accuracy can reach ± 0.05ppm, linear measurement accuracy ± 0.7ppm, and resolution can reach 1 nm. It is a typical representative of the development of laser measurement technology

(2) German SIOs small laser interferometer series products, including micro plane interferometer, laser interferometer probe, etc., can be combined with a variety of measurement systems of users, which is said to be particularly suitable for completing nano measurement tasks in a variety of small size ranges

sios micro laser interferometer

(3) the laser vector measurement technology developed by Optodyne company is a new method to measure the spatial position accuracy of CNC machine tools in the diagonal direction, which can improve the accuracy and detection speed of on-line detection of CNC machine tools (see Figure 16). The six dimensional laser measurement system of API can simultaneously measure six items of accuracy of CNC machine tools after one installation and commissioning, providing another rapid and accurate detection and diagnosis means for the detection of CNC machine tools on the production site

photodynamic laser vector measurement technology

2.6 micro and nano high-precision sensors

sensors are developing towards miniaturization, micro and nano precision, with stronger adaptability and higher precision on the production site

(1) Beijing standard popularized Heidenhain's nano grating technology and nano grating digital displacement sensor, a series of products for the selection of large-scale key structural parts, which improved the accuracy and resolution of the grating sensor to a higher level. S & P's grating nano sensing technology has solved four major problems, including the working principle of nano grating, the manufacturing technology of nano grating, the reading technology and signal subdivision technology of nano grating signal, and the manufacturing of nano machinery. It has obtained independent intellectual property rights and has been transformed into productivity. The accuracy of its measurement system is less than ± 20 nm on 100 mm. The products are not only sold in the domestic market, but also exported abroad. The intelligent inductance frequency variation comparator of Beijing Zhenbao Intelligent Machine Technology Co., Ltd. has the indication variability of no more than 0.003 μ m, and the indication error of no more than ± (0.003+0.005a) μ m (where a is the indication), which has been adopted by many domestic block gauge manufacturers

Beijing standard & Poor's nano grating length meter

(2) the development of CMM probe to high precision and miniaturization: Renishaw's sp80 ultra-high precision digital scanning probe, with a resolution of 0.02 microns; The vast three-dimensional six direction scanning probe system of Zeiss adopts a parallel reed mechanism, with a resolution of 0.05 μ m and a scanning range of 2 mm. Werth's optical fiber probe, with a radius of only 12.5 microns, is known as the world's smallest, suitable for

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