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Current situation and future of metal packaging (I)

reviewing the reform and opening up, the metal container packaging industry has made great progress. Now it includes metal container packaging industrial system integrating iron printing cans, sealed cans, steel drums and various bottle caps. It is one of the important categories of the national packaging industry

current situation of domestic metal packaging industry:

over the past 20 years, after ups and downs, the products have developed rapidly from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. The products are high-end packaging materials, mainly for food, cans, beverages, Oils and fats, chemicals, drugs, culture and education. In view of this entrepreneurial difficulty and the fact that collets such as cosmetic as pin plate friction pairs are loaded into spindle taper holes and other related industries, they provide product packaging services. Due to the exquisite printing and fine production of metal packaging, it has a long shelf life and is easy to carry. It is especially suitable for travel, field operations and battlefield needs, and is deeply welcomed by consumers

in the early 1950s, there were only a few semi mechanized factories in Beijing, Tianjin and Guangzhou. It started in the mid-1960s and developed rapidly in the 1970s. It is still after the reform and opening up that we really enter the fast lane. In particular, the "Eighth Five Year Plan" period was the heyday of the development of metal packaging

before the reform and opening up, there were only 168 factories in the country in 1979, and so far there have been about 1500 factories, an increase of 8 times compared with that before the establishment of the association. The main reasons for the rapid development are: first, the large development of related industries, the increase of product output, and the continuous growth of export volume; 2、 Foreign businessmen are very interested in China's huge market and flock to China to cooperate and set up factories; Third, the large-scale development of township enterprises and the increase of private enterprises. So far, there are many foreign-funded enterprises with large investment, high starting point and advanced equipment and technology, which have expanded the scale of the industry

the total output of the main products in 2000 is predicted to reach 1.7 million tons through comprehensive data, including 6.5 billion aluminum two-piece cans, about 7billion tinplate three piece cans including beverages and cans, 700million spray cans, nearly 50billion bottle caps and easy to pull diseases, about 40million liter steel barrels, and more than 5 billion barrels of other solid products

the economic nature of metal container manufacturing enterprises, including special equipment and raw and auxiliary material suppliers, accounts for 30% of state-owned enterprises, 28% of foreign-funded enterprises, 32% of collective enterprises, 3% of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and 7% of private enterprises. This will also constitute a state of pressure. Among many enterprises, there are about 60 large enterprise groups with total assets of more than 100 million yuan, or more than a billion yuan, or even several billion yuan, in RMB, of which representative, Such as:

futebol group, Fujian LianJian group, Sanshui Jianlibao Fute container company, Hangzhou COFCO Meite company, Wuxi huapengjia Duobao bottle cap company, Haikou coconut tree projection can company, Shanghai Ziquan packaging company, Tianjin Wanhua Co., Ltd., Shandong Lipeng Packaging Co., Ltd., Beijing org Xinmei can company, Shanghai Meilin zhengguanghe group iron printing can company, Beijing crown can company Steel drum factory of Sinopec Sales Company, etc. Large enterprises in equipment manufacturing and raw and auxiliary material supply, such as Shanghai Baosteel tinplate factory, Wuhan Iron and steel tinplate factory, Taiwan, but the proportion in China is only 14%, such as unified tinplate company, Guangdong Zhongyue tinplate company, Guangzhou ICI coating company, Suzhou PPG packaging coating company, grace (China) sealant factory in the United States, etc. (to be continued)

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