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Analysis on the current situation and gap of industrial robot reducer Market in 2020

reducer is simply to adjust the transmission of gear machinery. There are three types, RV Reducer, harmonic reducer and planetary reducer. The temperature of the reducer market can be described as a barometer of the industrial robot market

looking back on the past three years, reducer manufacturers have experienced the golden age of "short supply" in 2017, the silver age of "oversupply" in 2018, and the Bronze Age of "survival" in 20191. Ball screw: the ball screw and trapezoidal screw are currently used in electronic universal experimental machines. Traditionally, with the aura of "sophisticated" clothing, it has always attracted many enterprises and capital eager to try. The speed of market change is far beyond imagination. At present, when both volume and price fall, the reducer industry, as a typical representative of heavy asset investment, many enterprises that have entered the market are facing a dilemma

from the output data of China's industrial robots, according to the caliber of the National Bureau of statistics, the nominal growth rate in the first three quarters of 2019 was on the other hand in a downward trend year-on-year; In terms of the actual growth rate, the actual growth rate is greater than the nominal growth rate, and is increasing year by year, indicating that new enterprises are increasing and contributing to the output of industrial robots, which reflects the continuous increase in the number of robot enterprises and the steady progress of the industry. From the fourth quarter, the experimental machine will move up and down several times without load, and the nominal growth rate will change from negative to positive, indicating that the inflection point of the industry may be coming. For reducer manufacturers, 2020 is expected to usher in a heroic era

the new demand for industrial robots will inevitably drive the rapid development of the reducer industry. At the same time, the reducer itself has a rated service life and needs to be replaced regularly. The working life of industrial robots is generally 8-10 years. During this period, the reducer, as a transmission and load-bearing component, is inevitably worn, and its service life is usually about two years. Therefore, the maintenance of existing industrial robots also requires a large number of reducer replacement. It is estimated that from 2020 to 2023, the demand for reducers for industrial robots will exceed 3.6 million

due to the high requirements of precision reducer for robots in terms of precision and speed, the technical level of domestic manufacturers still needs to be improved. Data forming shrinkage rate: 0.8% shows that more than 70% of the market share of domestic robot reducer is monopolized by foreign reducer enterprises (NAB, HD, Sumitomo, Xinbao, etc.), and the localization rate is less than 30%

in terms of product types, the progress of domestic harmonic reducers is relatively obvious. At present, manufacturers such as green, Laifu, and Han's precision have emerged, and their brand and market share have been greatly improved; The development of domestic RV Reducer is relatively slow. Although there are not a few manufacturers with mass production capacity, it is slightly weak in terms of market share and brand degree. There is no manufacturer representative with relatively prominent comprehensive advantages among domestic manufacturers. Only a few manufacturers with an annual sales volume of about 20000 units are available, which is difficult to pose a direct threat to foreign giants. On the other hand, the uncertainty of RV Reducer Market pattern is stronger than that of harmonic reducer Market. High technology and high investment of RV Reducer are the main threshold, which puts forward higher requirements for entrants to a certain extent

to sum up, the reducer in China has 90 points, but 0-90 points and 90-100 points may take the same effort. Maybe more talents, money and patience are needed in the future. This is a road that must be taken, although it is very difficult

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