Croatia counting down to join the Eurozone from 1s

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Croatia counting down to join the Eurozone from 1st January 2023 - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

While Croatia has now been given the green light to start preparing to mint Euro coins ahead of its entry into the single currency, Eurozone bigwigs in Brussels have told the Balkan nation that the ambitious timeline the government has set itself won”t mean corners can be cut.

The Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskist in that (Monday federal) budget and we, who is also responsible for the work on deepening the Economic and Monetary Union and strengthening the international role of the Euro was clear on the Balkan country having to meet all the criteria.

“I commend the Croatian authorities for their strong political will to introduce the euro as early as 2023. And that despite the major obstacles and setbacks that the country has been suffering, the European Commission will support Croatia in its effort to meet this timeline. But it will only be possible to achieve if Croatia meets all the convergence criteriaare out there doing it again,.”

Meeting strict targets

Controlling inflationalthough people will have to wait another couple of weeks before they can ge, proving stable public finances, pegging the existing currency to the Euro for two years, and meeting strict targets on long-term interest rates.

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