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Tangshan, Hebei Province will implement the demonstration project of 100 key environmental protection enterprises this year to comprehensively renovate many enterprises in key industries such as steel, coking, cement, papermaking and chemical industry

according to the implementation of the "1025" plan, Tangshan environmental protection department will take a number of actions. The first is to implement the key action of emission reduction projects and implement the target system of 326 emission reduction projects to ensure their early commencement and early effectiveness. The second is to vigorously promote agricultural pollution reduction, actively start the work of vehicle pollution reduction, and achieve the emission reduction targets of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide emissions, with good visibility. The third is to implement the demonstration project of 100 key enterprises. 480 enterprises in key industries such as steel, coking, cement and papermaking were comprehensively renovated through a full set of product design and development and chemical industry. In combination with the project implementation plans of various enterprises, 100 were completed this year, 280 in 2013 and 100 in 2014

in addition, Tangshan will also implement special rectification of heavy metal and hazardous chemical industry enterprises to prevent and control heavy metal pollution and environmental accidents of hazardous chemicals

at the same time, the environmental protection department will standardize administrative behavior, and strive for more total indicators of servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation systems installed under the workbench by strengthening pollution reduction measures and emission rights market transactions, so as to provide environmental support for project construction and enterprise production and operation

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