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According to relevant information from the packaging industry, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's economy will enter a critical development period of resource-saving and ecological protection, and the packaging industry closely related to economic development will also enter a corresponding transformation period. Green packaging will be a new opportunity for the development of the packaging industry. In this regard, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the technical focus of the packaging industry in Zhejiang Province should be: production technology of food, electronics, medicine, tobacco, daily chemical packaging products. BASF's main focus is: whether biodegradable shopping bags and tableware have good mechanical properties. According to the latest news released by Xinhua news agency, it shows that they can and function, green packaging production technology and other high-tech and advanced applicable technologies. The key points of its product and technology development are: the application of nano materials, new materials and technologies for sterilization and bacteriostasis, liquid crystal inks, edible packaging materials, low gram weight, high strength and thin materials, non-toxic and harmless materials, multi-layer coextrusion new materials, materials containing low heavy metals, plastic materials without polymeric diphenol chloride, materials without organic mercury, biochemical treatment of wastewater, biodegradable materials, recycling and reuse technology of packaging waste The development and application of high-performance packaging machinery manufacturing technology and digital information technology

at the same time, relevant parties put forward corresponding countermeasures: conscientiously implement the "August 8th strategy" of the province, actively cultivate packaging production bases, vigorously promote technological innovation, and strive to improve the level of enterprises; Vigorously promote cleaner production and strive to prevent pollution; Strengthen and formulate industry standards, and improve the enterprise quality assurance system

carefully planning the industrial technology development direction of Zhejiang packaging industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" will certainly be beneficial to improving the technical level and grade of the packaging industry in the province and improving the market competitiveness of packaging products

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