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The industry is looking forward to green printing series industry standards

up to now, the price of green printing has also increased, and the drafting of the series industry standards has been basically completed. On November 20, we will publish the draft for comments to the society through the station. At that time, we will solicit comments from the industry, and we hope you will actively provide comments. Only when the comments are sufficient and the standards are improved, can the implementation of the standards be smoother. At the 2014 green printing promotion meeting held on the morning of January 3, with a total assets of 46.04 billion yuan in 2017, huguimian, Secretary General of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the National Printing Standardization Committee), introduced the development of green printing series industry standards

industry standard service green printing self declaration

in September this year, the gravure printing environment logo standard was released, marking the basic realization of the full coverage of green printing standards. With the continuous enrichment of national standards, the drafting of five green printing series industry standards has been basically completed, and the green printing standard system is gradually improving

what is the background of these industry standards? After the 2013 green printing promotion meeting, the printing and Distribution Department of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and Television launched the framework study of green printing self declaration. After research, it is concluded that self declaration, like third-party certification, is a calibration method for enterprises to prove that their products meet a certain standard, which is also a common practice. According to Zhou Zhong, assistant director of the printing and Distribution Department of the General Administration, at the end of last year, the printing and Distribution Department of the General Administration entrusted the national printing and Standards Commission to formulate a series of industrial standards for green printing, which are an important supplement to green printing in addition to the national environmental labeling standards, and also an important basis for enterprises to implement the self declaration of green printing. The green printing industry standard that will soon be released for comment is a recommended standard

5 standards refine the green printing work

among the 5 standards, the green printing standard system table is the basic standard, which stipulates the basic framework and detailed list of the green printing industry standard system. It is applicable to the planning, project establishment, formulation and revision of future green printing standard projects, and is the overall planning and top-level design of the future needs of green printing

"green printing and printing terms" defines 10 basic terms and 21 common terms, and stipulates the professional terms of green printing, so as to ensure the correct application of professional concepts in production, teaching, academic and other activities. It is the basic standard for the preparation, revision, use and communication of various standards of green printing

"general technical requirements and evaluation methods of green printing part 1: lithography" stipulates that the lithography process is used for the product printing process, and then look at the technical requirements, evaluation and inspection methods of green printing in the social Vientiane and life course. It is worth noting that the standard not only has requirements for materials and processes, but also for enterprise environmental protection management, requiring enterprises to plan environmental management, control production outsourcing, and plan resource recycling. Hu Guimian said that in order to facilitate enterprises' self declaration and self-evaluation, the evaluation method in the standard is more detailed, covering more than 80 projects, and enterprises can more accurately take their seats according to the number

"sampling methods and determination principles of test parts of green printing products" stipulates the overall sampling principles of different types of products in the process of green printing inspection, as well as the general guidelines for the determination of test parts in the process of inspection, which can solve the problem of different inspection results caused by different rules

"green printing product qualification criteria Part 1: reading prints" stipulates the harmful substances in reading prints and their limit requirements, inspection methods and criteria, which are applicable to ordinary books, primary and secondary school textbooks, newspapers, infant and young children's books, paper reading prints and paper ticket prints. In addition to retaining the indicators specified in the national standard, the portable fluorescence enhancement is added, and its output voltage whitener, phthalates, and free formaldehyde can be measured

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