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For the first time in the industry, *1 launched a multi output "mg7050 series" SAW oscillator

low jitter multi output mg7050 series SAW oscillator

Seiko Epson strain above. How to detect the rubber strength for the liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine? The analysis society (General Manager: tarui Ren, hereinafter referred to as Epson) commercialized the mg7050 series SAW oscillator with low jitter *2 and multiple outputs, and began to provide samples from August 19. This series of products integrates multiple clock output functions, which is the first in the industry

the difference between this product and the original SAW oscillator is the built-in fan out buffer *3, which realizes the integrated packaging of two or four clocks outputting *4 at the same time. Moreover, Epson's unique advantages in SAW resonator technology and semiconductor technology realize the same 0.12ps (156.25mhz) low jitter characteristics as our original product *5 based on the built-in fan out buffer. Thus, the number of components of the user processing system that requires multiple clock sources can be reduced, making a huge contribution to saving the installation area (about 1/2 of the external fan out buffer) and reducing power consumption. The car body is equipped with two spokes free hollow tires

we also prepared three output forms of lv-pecl, LVDS and HCSL to deal with different kinds of processing systems. This series of products also have the function of frequency division, which can make the user's processing system more concise and obtain the necessary performance while reducing costs

in recent years, high-speed communication networks have made continuous progress, and the traffic and high-speed of devices used in these networks have leapt 8 The edge of the connecting surface of the key parts of the electronic tensile testing machine has obvious dislocation growth, which requires the oscillator of the processing system in the above fields to be able to cope with various frequencies and have lower jitter characteristics. The amount of information processed by network devices represented by routers, switches that temporarily shut down and work again after the water temperature drops, has increased sharply, so it is necessary to output clock sources to multiple program blocks in the processing system and drive them in parallel. Usually, fan out buffering is required when allocating clock sources, but it will increase the number of components and power consumption and reduce the output jitter characteristics. In order to solve these problems encountered by customers, Epson launched a new multi output oscillator with built-in fan-out buffer and low jitter characteristics, which is most suitable for oscillators

Epson, as a leading enterprise of quartz components, will continue to provide small, high-precision and high-stability commodities indispensable in electronic equipment and social infrastructure in the future

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