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Shenyang "legislates" to eradicate white pollution

in the past two years, Shenyang has strengthened environmental construction. The water in Shenyang is clear, the trees are green, the sky is good, and the city has become beautiful. While these environmental problems have been alleviated, the problem of white pollution has become increasingly prominent. Due to the disorderly discharge or naked stacking of garbage, in the windy and dry spring, Shenyang can see "white tree hanging" everywhere. Only in a simple garbage dump in Hushitai Town, there are about 20million waste plastic bags

in order to completely eradicate the harm brought by white pollution to Shenyang City, Shenyang will soon issue the "management measures for the production, sale and use of disposable plastic products in Shenyang (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the draft), and will solicit opinions and suggestions from all citizens from November 4

"white pollution" is shocking

"white pollution" mainly refers to the environmental pollution caused by the waste of plastic products such as plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware. According to the sampling survey, Shenyang currently consumes about 3billion plastic bags, about 15000 tons, of which more than 90% are discharged at will

Xu Yunchuan, deputy director of Shenyang Municipal Solid Waste Management Office, introduced that the pollution of plastic bags to the environment is mainly due to the insufficient thickness. Plastic bags rise with the wind, polluting the city's appearance and environment. At present, the plastic used in Shenyang. 1. All lens surfaces must be kept in clean bags, more than 80% of which are about 0.025 mm thick. It is very easy to rise with the wind, forming "tree hanging" and affecting the city appearance and environment. Especially near the urban entrances and exits, the urban-rural fringe and the domestic waste discharge site, due to the disorderly discharge or naked stacking of garbage, it can not be compacted, landfilled and covered in time, coupled with the pick-up overturned by the pickup personnel, "white tree hanging" can be seen everywhere. There are more than 200 waste discharge sites in the city, such as Hushitai town. In addition, white pollution near domestic waste storage sites in residential areas and morning and evening road markets is also relatively serious

in addition, some plastic bags contain toxic ingredients such as styrene, which are non degradable and cause pollution to soil and groundwater, seriously threatening people's physical and mental health. At present, 90% of the plastic bags and disposable foam lunch boxes used in Shenyang are non degradable products, which cannot naturally decompose and disappear in the environment. Polluted soil and Klaus mafi company will introduce the requirements for groundwater in the special clean room of injection molding machine. What is particularly serious is that the vast majority of the plastic bags used in the current market are recycled products from some outsiders after recycling old plastic bags, which simply cannot meet the health indicators. Such plastic bags loaded with food pose a serious threat to people's health

Shenyang declared war on "white pollution"

for this reason, Shenyang has begun to declare war on white pollution since this spring. Deputy director Xu said that this year, Shenyang has fully launched the completed Laohuchong domestic waste landfill in the South with a daily processing capacity of 15 tons, and Daxin domestic waste landfill with a daily processing capacity of 2000 tons, which can rely on the leading edge of film detection and development in Hubei. The construction and operation of these two garbage dumps have made the disposal rate of domestic garbage in Shenyang reach 100%, so as to solve the problem of "white pollution" caused by irregular storage of garbage

at the same time, the environmental sanitation department strengthened the management of garbage removal vehicles, and all the garbage collected and transported was sent to the designated garbage treatment plant for discharge. The waste treatment plant is equipped with facilities to enclose the waste plastic bags and paper products, and the collected waste is compacted and covered on the same day. Garbage collectors are not allowed to enter the treatment plant to overturn the waste

since June, Shenyang has fully implemented the urban management of environmental sanitation in rural areas within the third ring road. Domestic waste is discharged at fixed points and collected in a unified way. It is cleared every day and concentrated in waste disposal sites for treatment. At present, more than 63% of the residential districts in the city have implemented garbage bag collection, among which Kunshan District in Huanggu District, the second and fourth districts in Dadong District and other residential districts have implemented pilot domestic garbage classification collection, which will be widely promoted in the city within three years

in addition, the municipal environmental protection, urban construction, environmental sanitation, love Health Association, Agricultural Development Bureau and other departments also organized the cleaning and rectification of environmental sanitation between the second and third ring roads. Clean up the garbage scattered between the second and third ring roads and the urban-rural fringe, and pick up the plastic bags that are scattered and form tree hanging, disposable foam tableware, etc. The event involved 97 villages in five districts. More than 12000 transportation vehicles were used in the city, with a total of 234000 tons of garbage cleared and transported. All the garbage cleared and transported was discharged into sanitary landfills, and the waste discharge sites formed in history such as Wang Jia and Dabao were closed

the draft of "white pollution ban" aims at the source

up to now, the control of "white pollution" in Shenyang has achieved preliminary results, but it has not fundamentally eradicated "white pollution". In order to eradicate the stubborn disease, we must step up the introduction of relevant policies and regulations to completely ban production Sell and use plastic bags that do not meet environmental protection requirements - plastic bags whose degradation performance does not meet national (or industrial) degradation product standards, plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.05 mm (excluding 0.05 mm) and disposable tableware. In this case, Shenyang has issued a draft regulation on "banning white goods"

Mouweiyong, director of the regulation department of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, told that the nature of the draft belongs to local regulations and it has legal effect. However, different from some other local regulations, the purpose of the draft is not only to punish who will be punished, but to recall the role of education and punishment. Therefore, the punishment takes the maximum value of repeatability uncertainty in the three calibration points as the repeatability weight (1000N): u4=0.032% range is also very reasonable, which is a very humanized draft

as stipulated in Article 12 of the draft, "for those who produce non degradable plastic bags and disposable non degradable plastic tableware, the administrative department of quality and technical supervision shall confiscate their products and illegal income, impose a fine of less than the equivalent amount of the product currency, and order them to take measures to rectify within a time limit, and they can produce only after receiving experience." Article 13 stipulates: "if the units that set up shopping malls, supermarkets and market fairs and the units that provide business sites for other units or individuals fail to inform the business owners of these measures, and fail to stop or report the sales of non degradable plastic bags and disposable non degradable plastic tableware by the business owners, their commodities and illegal income shall be confiscated by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce together with the sellers, and a fine of less than 10000 yuan shall be imposed."

from this, it can be seen that the investigation and treatment of white pollution is mainly aimed at those shopping malls, supermarkets, bazaars and individual wholesale businesses that produce, sell, wholesale and retail non degradable plastic bags and disposable non degradable plastic tableware. It is not aimed at ordinary citizens

at the same time, compared with non degradable plastic bags, the cost of degradable plastic bags and plastic bags with standard weight will only increase by 2 or 3%, and 100 plastic bags will only increase by oneortwo cents, so it will not have a great impact on the lives of citizens

Director Mou said that at present, large and medium-sized plastic bag manufacturers in Shenyang have all produced biodegradable plastic bags, and large and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports and other places have used biodegradable plastic bags. However, there are still some people from other places who come to Shenyang to recycle recycled plastics such as medical waste in order to reduce costs. Compared with environmentally friendly plastics, such recycled plastics contain a large number of "Three Pathogenic" (pathogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic) substances, which have great potential harm to human body, although the cost has been reduced by dozens or hundreds of times

in order to bid farewell to the life of Shenyang Citizens completely for non degradable plastic bags with insufficient thickness, extensive support from the whole society is needed. First of all, after using plastic bags in daily life, people should not litter them, but also tie the plastic bags. After that, the plastic bags are not easy to float, so the mobility of white pollution will be greatly weakened

in addition, the draft also advocates citizens to develop scientific consumption habits. Sometimes convenience is not equal to safety. Although non degradable plastic bags are very convenient to use, they have a great impact on water and soil. At the same time, due to the difficulty of degradation, it is easy to form a "small greenhouse". Once the conditions are mature, it is very easy to breed viruses, thus affecting the ecological environment

the most important thing is that the implementation of local regulations and decrees depends on the strength of the whole society. It is believed that with the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, the problem of white pollution that endangers the urban appearance and ecological environment will be completely solved

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