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Lehmann&voss introduces polyketide resin based high-performance materials

recently, Lehmann Voss company launched luvocom70 series of high-performance modified engineering materials based on polyketide resin (PK), which fills the gap between engineering polymers such as PA6, PA66 and POM and high-performance polymers such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyetherimide (PEI) and polyaryletherketone (Paek)

according to holgervandrich, a product developer of luvocom, mastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB in indoor acoustics, by 2000, a variety of luvocom70 products were still available, but they were cancelled due to the shutdown of carilonpk polymer of shell chemical, so this is actually a re launch

lehmannvoss said that compared with other technical polymers such as PA66 and POM, PK has good hydrolytic stability, low permeability, high weld strength, easy processing, and short molding cycle. In many cases, it is superior to POM and PA, and can even replace high temperature resistant polymers in friction applications

if the electrical device does not add a frequency converter The low wear rate of luvocom70 is suitable for manufacturing gears and bearings. Its low water absorption can be applied to parts in contact with water. Its high chemical resistance makes it the material selection for fuel system. The chemical resistance, mechanical properties and friction properties of the material are especially suitable for profiles and seals

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