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Leger developed the nano displacement sensor for the first time

recently, four laser grating remote safety line displacement sensors and their measurement systems produced by Langfang Development Zone Leger Photoelectric Instrument Company were delivered to the relevant earthquake monitoring departments to monitor the pulse of the earth. It is understood that this is the first nano displacement sensor developed in China, and it is also the core and key instrument urgently needed for seismic science research

it is a difficult problem for all mankind to explore the law of earthquake occurrence and realize the accurate prediction of earthquake. It is understood that the gravitational changes of the sun, moon and celestial bodies will cause regular changes in the shape of the earth. This change is very small, which is called the pulse or electrocardiogram of the earth. If the human pulse beat is abnormal, it indicates that the human body may have disease. If the earth pulse is abnormal, it may indicate that an earthquake is generating or coming. The observation of the earth pulse is the key to earthquake prediction

observing the earth's pulse requires extremely sensitive instruments, because the beat of the earth's pulse is very weak, and an abnormal beat may be only a few microns, or even a few nanometers. It is the abnormal beat of these microns that may lead to human catastrophe

According to Chi Shunliang, member of the seismological observation Academic Professional Committee of the Chinese Seismological Society, China has successively deployed 40 observation points of the earth's pulse across the country since 2006, and the observation tool is the classical inertial pendulum seismometer, which can sense the beat of 50 microns, and it can do nothing about the weaker abnormal beat of the earth's pulse. Therefore, in July, 2007, whether China's digital seismic observation could realize the precision production network of extruders, it was found that there was an abnormal pulse of the earth near Wenchuan, Sichuan, which needed special attention and strengthened monitoring. However, when relevant experts made further efforts to strengthen monitoring, the earth quake occurred

after the Wenchuan earthquake occurred, the relevant experts began to look for manufacturers to develop more sensitive instruments. Under this background, the grating displacement sensor developed by Leger optoelectronics company in Langfang Development Zone attracted the attention of earthquake experts. The grating displacement sensor and the classical inertial pendulum seismometer are two instruments with completely different principles, which have greater advantages in measuring the position and movement of objects, If it is further combined with laser technology, its sensitivity will be further greatly improved

at the beginning of last year, the relevant seismic departments signed an agreement with Leger photoelectric instrument company to develop a new generation of displacement sensors, and Leger photoelectric instrument company immediately carried out product development. Leger optoelectronic Instrument Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company registered in Langfang Development Zone after being restructured from the former state-owned Beijing ultra fine engineering research institute directly under Beijing. It is the director unit of China Instrument precision machinery society and the optoelectronic technical committee of China Optical Society. It is the only manufacturer in China that can develop steel grating sensors, and there are only three enterprises that can develop such instruments in the world

recently, Xu Xingzhi, chairman of Leger optoelectronics company, introduced that after one year's efforts, the first batch of four samples developed by covestro will be exhibited. Together with a number of partners of different types, the prototype of automotive electronic interior parts called "conversion components" has been delivered for use. The products have realized laser emission, photoconductive transmission, grating measurement, and the sensitivity has reached 0.05 nm after testing, That is to say, its sensitivity is 100000 times higher than that of the original seismic measurement sensor, which is only 50 microns. Moreover, the signal transmission of the instrument also realizes anti-interference and remote transmission. It can measure accurately at a depth of 600 meters underground, and the information can be safely transmitted to the ground

Xu Xingzhi introduced that if this instrument is finally proved to be successful and effective in earthquake prediction and can be popularized, multiple observation points may be needed around every big city, and the market demand it brings may reach hundreds of billions, and the world may reach more than trillions. The production of laser grating displacement devices may form an emerging strategic industry

it is understood that Lego optoelectronics is an innovative pilot enterprise and intellectual property advantage cultivation unit awarded by our province. It now undertakes 2 National Science and technology projects, 2 Science and technology support projects in Hebei Province, and 2 major national science and technology projects

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