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Lei Jun confided the most unforgettable moment in the past five years: just be happy

in April 2010, Xiaomi company was officially established. From MIUI to a large Internet company with sales of 70million this year, Lei Jun felt that maybe only he knew

today, Lei Jun shared on Weibo the most unforgettable moment of Xiaomi's five years since its establishment: in May 2011, Xiaomi's first cry, he said that only when we are happy can we make touching products and bring happiness to rice noodles

with the development of intelligence, the traditional heap configuration and price competition are not as good as before. Manufacturers have emphasized differentiated design and flaunt their feelings. At the same time, returning to the original intention has become a new concept of many companies. Recently, Lei Jun delivered an internal speech at the annual meeting of Xiaomi. The strategy for 2016 is to be happy. It also stressed that users are the first, and it is not allowed to say that Xiaomi is the first

of course, this does not mean that Xiaomi will no longer pay attention to the hand in the future. 4. The sales of shear strength machines will speed up the research and construction of a recycling system for new energy vehicle power batteries. Don't forget that Xiaomi has recently established a special force to prepare for Xiaomi 5, which will bring us this new machine emperor next month

the following is the original text of Lei Jun's Weibo:

in May 2011, if the first version of our first generation project was quickly disconnected, I got through the first one after the machine was connected, and everyone was excited at that time. This is my most unforgettable moment in the five years since Xiaomi started its business! Although the entrepreneurial process of Xiaomi is not easy, we have always adhered to the attitude of happy entrepreneurship. I think that only when we are happy can we make touching products and bring happiness to rice noodles

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