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Legend Rui is expected to establish a joint venture with Tata or enter India through alliance. China Chery Automobile and India Tata automobile are negotiating the alliance. In addition to the platform of Chery sold to Tata automobile disclosed by the media before, the two sides also hope to cross enter the market of the other country. China Chery Automobile and India Tata automobile are negotiating the alliance. In addition to the platform of Chery sold to Tata automobile disclosed by the media before, The two sides also hope to cross into each other's national markets by taking this opportunity.

Chery Tata or alliance

insiders close to Tata Motors told Indian media that Chery and Tata have been in dialogue in the past few years. The test products of the two companies seek to establish a possible alliance partnership in the life cycle, including sharing the model platform, and even helping Tata enter the Chinese market, and helping Chery enter India. The dialogue covers a wide range, and the specific content has not been determined yet

about 12 to 18 months ago, Tata was formulating a 2020 strategic plan to consider acquiring some vehicle platforms from Chery. Domestic media disclosed that Chery A1, Ruiqi M1, old Chery and other small cars, Chery A3 compact cars, and some newly launched models

the person said that Chery developed a large number of platforms and models in the era of implementing the multi brand strategy, and returned to a Chery in 2013, cutting a large number of models and platforms; Chery plans to turn waste into treasure and raise funds through the sale of the platform to reduce debt pressure; In the future, Tata may produce vehicles based on Chery platform in India and surrounding areas

another insider familiar with Tata Motors' R & D business revealed that the teams of the two sides have visited each other, but the direction has not been determined because the synergy benefit is not great at present

Chery did not respond to the inquiries of the Indian economic times and other media. A Tata spokesman said: as Tata's continuous exploration in key markets, we continue to talk with many manufacturers, including Chinese car companies, to seek potential cooperation opportunities

Tata Motors has established a relationship with Chery through its Jaguar Land Rover. Last year, Jaguar Land Rover was approved by the government in China to establish a joint venture with Chery and set up a plant in China

there are still uncertainties

Indian media believe that the acquisition of a proven platform has obvious benefits, and the development of a new platform is expensive. It takes a long time. Tata Motors has a precedent in acquiring the old platform. Previously, it purchased the traffic van van van platform from Renault and built Tata's first van winger on its basis. Tata is also interested in purchasing Renault's latest traffic platform to develop the next generation of winger, but it has not been finalized

among the platforms disclosed this time, most of the platforms acquired by Tata are Chery small and mini car platforms. For Tata Motors, it is very necessary to launch a new car to compete with 18, piece, batch [lot, batch] competitor Maruti Suzuki Alto, which can help Tata enter the mini car segment quickly and at low cost. Tata has performed poorly in the Indian market in recent years, and its sales have declined for two consecutive years, ranking among the worst among Indian local car companies (2). The country has launched actions to crack down on ditiao steel, mainly relying on its luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover to make profits

according to a person familiar with the matter, although Chery may enter the Indian market through Tata with advanced powder metallurgy technologies such as injection molding, warm compaction molding and spray molding, due to market demand, vehicles need to be significantly modified, so it is unlikely to directly bring Chery's existing products to India. Another deficiency is that Chery does not provide diesel vehicle products. Now Indian consumers are increasingly inclined to diesel powered vehicles because of the low cost of diesel

while considering purchasing Chery small car platform, Tata is also developing a new generation platform, the latest advanced modular platform code X4. People familiar with the matter said that Tata walked on two legs, and buying a platform can be effective quickly. Although developing a platform by itself is expensive in time and money, it is more beneficial in the long run

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