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Left hand UHV right-hand charging pile the national power new infrastructure collective force

eight industries of the new infrastructure are in full swing. After the commencement of the 100 billion yuan UHV project, the national power announced the construction of charging piles

recently, Guodian held a party group meeting, saying that it would spare no effort to resume work and production, shoulder the great responsibility and show new achievements in accelerating new infrastructure construction

Mao Weiming, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the State Grid, presided over the meeting and stressed in his speech that we should focus on the target direction. In addition to paying attention to the construction of UHV projects under construction, we should speed up research and promote the construction of charging piles for new energy vehicles. At the same time, Guodian also set up a new infrastructure leading group to plan ahead and make breakthroughs in accelerating the development of UHV and promoting the construction of charging piles

it is worth mentioning that Guodian has begun to launch a new mode of developing the field of charging piles to break the bottleneck and restriction of its own investment in charging piles

a few days ago, the official official account of the national telegraph headlined that on March 12, China Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. was looking for partners to launch its e-charging app

according to the information released, there are five types of objects in this activity, including personal piles, pile group merchants, charging pile production enterprises, site investment and capital site investment. Facing five kinds of resource objects, State Grid will provide corresponding resource matching and sharing. For example, personal piles are free to transform the access country e charging platform, and idle charging piles can make money by sharing; For pile group merchants, after the national electricity access platform, connect with the host factory, car hailing and other traffic resources

up to now, 457000 charging piles have been connected to the national tram platform, covering more than 85% of the National Total (public charging piles), and 95800 charging piles have been built in total. What should we do if the radial force of the gear pump is unbalanced in the process of using the hydraulic universal testing machine? According to the national key task in 2020, the car coupling platform will be connected to 1million charging piles, covering more than 80% of the market and users, it is estimated that the national access quantity target by the end of 2020 is expected to double and improve compared with the current level

Huachuang Securities Research Report believes that through the above plan, Guodian will give full play to its resource advantages (electric access, e-charging platform) and introduce more new additions under the cooperation mode. The standard was released on April 25, 2013, and the charging pile entered its own charging network, so as to expand its scale advantages and obtain customer traffic

the national electric power charging pile mainly lies in its integration of power sales and terminal charging, which has advantages in the whole industrial chain. In an interview with securities, Xianyue, the co-founder and President and CEO of Xinte automobile, said that in this round of new infrastructure, the charging pile will not be built blindly as before. At present, only commercial charging piles, including buses, car hailing and taxis, have a profit model, and private cars still do not have a good profit model

in fact, with the increase of domestic new energy vehicle sales, 4. Effective force measurement range: 0.1/100 ⑴ 00%; Long, the charging pile has a broad market space

according to statistics, by the end of 2019, the number of new energy vehicles in the country had reached 3.81 million, including 3.1 million pure electric vehicles. It can be estimated that the vehicle pile ratio in China is only 2.6:1 at present. If the proportion of public charging piles is considered, the vehicle pile ratio is only 6.0:1. This car pile is 1:1 away from the stable market generally expected by the market, and there is still a huge market space

with the increase of policies such as new infrastructure and station construction subsidies, the construction of charging infrastructure is expected to be promoted rapidly, and the cumulative market space is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan from 2020 to 2025. Guotai Junan analyst said

at the same time, in addition to the field of charging piles, Guodian recently increased the scale of UHV investment

on March 14, Guodian said that the investment scale of UHV construction projects this year was 181.1 billion yuan; Three days ago, Mao Weiming revealed that the company's UHV construction projects throughout the year clearly have an investment scale of 112.8 billion yuan, which can drive social investment of 223.5 billion yuan. The overall scale of graphene based flexible smart phones and smart phones developed and produced by Chongqing will be listed at the end of the year for nearly 500 billion yuan. Earlier, Guodian announced that an initial investment of 33billion yuan was planned for UHV construction projects in 2020

previously, Guodian has released the preliminary work plan of UHV, and will approve 7 lines (5 AC and 2 DC) and 3 preliminary feasibility studies of UHV DC (Jinshang hydropower transmission, Longdong Shandong, Hami Chongqing), with a total investment of 107.2 billion yuan

the industry believes that as UHV and other new infrastructure projects become national strategies, the national power investment exceeds market expectations, and relevant equipment manufacturers are expected to benefit

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