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Legal experts talk about the ban on plastic packaging in schools

legal experts put forward their views on the fact that the canteen of Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College no longer allows students to pack with plastic products and does not sell food to diners who bring their own plastic bags on the grounds that packing meals is harmful to students' health and will cause environmental pollution

first of all, it is suspected of crossing the legal boundary. "Plastic ban" refers to the prohibition of the production and sale of non degradable plastic shopping bags and plastic tableware. In other words, if students use biodegradable lunch boxes, the school has no right to prohibit them. However, Guangxi Economic and Technological Development Institute banned all plastic bags and disposable foam lunch boxes. Obviously, there is a suspicion that the attack area is too large and disorderly

secondly, students' lunch boxes were confiscated, which crossed the management boundary. The compulsory "plastic ban" is a matter for the law enforcement department, and the Guangxi Academy of economic affairs does not have "the relevant research results in Xinjiang also show the corresponding law enforcement power. Therefore, in order to ban plastic, the school confiscates students' lunch boxes and food, which goes beyond the management boundary (although it is also for the good of students), which is not desirable

" plastic ban "is good, but it can't be our bank. Reifenhuser takes rethinking as the theme. The school should also listen to students' demands and current inconveniences with an open mind in the "plastic ban", and make appropriate adjustments to the "plastic ban order" that crosses the border, so as to find the maximum common divisor of the "plastic ban"

in this regard, students also believe that "the starting point of the school is good, but also to reduce pollution and protect the environment. But there are so few table positions, and there are thousands of students in the school. Eating is too crowded, which is a little inhuman."

it should be said that the "plastic ban" itself is indisputable. Both the managers of Guangxi Academy of economics and cadre and the students of five college projects, including talent intelligence training, project innovation demonstration, leading enterprise training, characteristic cluster expansion and quality standard improvement, are welcomed with both hands. After all, "white pollution" not only endangers human health, but also causes irreparable trauma to the environment. However, the administrative staff of Guangxi Economic and Technological Research Institute banned the provision of plastic bags and disposable foam lunch boxes to students, and the mandatory confiscation of food packed in plastic bags by students was obviously beyond the bounds

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