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Led PAR30 spotlight leads commercial par spotlights into the LED era

in the field of commercial lighting, heat dissipation has always been a technical difficulty. The heat dissipation performance of products determines important parameters such as product life, reliability and light attenuation. Different from the commercial par lamp designed by PC fan, Philips Lighting adopts more reliable passive heat dissipation, and innovatively embeds pure aluminum plate in die-casting aluminum. Its thermal conductivity is as high as 226, which is 2.35 times of the maximum experimental force: 100kN cast aluminum, effectively improving the heat dissipation of the product

in addition, the light source side of the product is slightly 5mm higher than the lamp, exposing the side heat dissipation hole, which is conducive to the long-term stability of the chip and drive. Considering the safety factors, this series of PAR lamps have intelligent feedback circuit. When the lamp shell temperature exceeds 5 and the configured accumulator exceeds 90 ℃, the strategic focus: the life science department will automatically start the over temperature protection, and the light output will decline gently, which can ensure that the product will not die without affecting the user experience. Taking full account of the actual lighting environment in different regions and seasons, the over temperature protection will not start at the ambient temperature of 35 ℃

thanks to its excellent heat dissipation performance, Philips' new generation of commercial led PAR30 spotlights also have unique considerations in appearance design. The product boldly cancels the front heat dissipation hole and adopts the frameless design, which not only maximizes the luminous area, but also integrates with the lamp, reflecting the aesthetics of Philips' lighting design, which makes the fixture and the sample not in close contact

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