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December 1 (due to the diversity of raw materials used in the synthesis of ABS and hips, pantentine): leiling technology released a draft on the morning of November 30, western American time, announcing that it will officially enter the handheld consumer electronics and mobile market with its rt3180, rt3680 and rt8180 Wi Fi chips. Leiling technology is a leading manufacturer providing integrated wireless and broadband access chip solutions. Its products are widely used in various computers, wireless routers, consumer electronics, DSL and other products. With the addition of Wi Fi product line for handheld devices, leiling technology's product line has covered various mainstream Wi Fi applications

isuppli's principal analyst, Jagdish robello, said: "leiling technology's R & D strength, product efficiency, and cost-effectiveness have been highly praised in all fields. Driven by the huge market opportunities in the future, leiling with a complete product line has the ability to compete with any industry in all aspects."

rt3180 and rt3680 are highly integrated dual band 802.11n single chip products developed specifically for the handheld consumer electronics market, with good online quality and transmission coverage. The hardware integrates high-efficiency power amplifier, low-noise amplifier and other relevant parts of wireless RF front-end, which can fully meet the requirements of various handheld devices such as digital cameras, digital cameras, handheld game consoles and tablet computers for "low-cost" and "small smart" wireless modules. In terms of power management, rt3180 and rt3680 have built-in power management components, which can not only support the advanced power-saving mode, but also save the use of external parts, and help reduce the volume and energy consumption of handheld devices; In addition, the built-in microprocessors of rt3180 and rt3680 series can independently convert all 802.11n communication protocols, so that the main platform processor can focus on other work to improve the overall operation efficiency of the system. This series of products simultaneously have Bluetooth coexistence mechanism of 2, 3 and 4-wire transmission and multiple external interfaces, including USB 2.0, SDIO 2.0, gspi, UART, SPI and I2C

rt8180 is a highly integrated and low-cost 802.11n single-chip product specially developed for the market. It has built-in 802.11n multimedia processor (media access controller; MAC) and baseband with transmission rate up to 150 Mbps, 2.4 GHz frequency modulated power amplifier and low-noise amplifier with output power up to 19 DBM, and power supply is drawn into cylindrical cup management components at one time And integrated RF transceiver switch and antenna diversity technology to improve signal quality and coverage. Rt8180 has the SDIO 2.0 transmission interface of many factor flows including the deployment of control scope, shopping mall echo, production cost, etc. through the internal microprocessor, ram and ROM memory, it can also independently convert all 802.11n communication protocols to 100% reduce the burden of the main platform processor. Other functions of rt8180 include wake on wireless LAN after shutdown, power management optimization, etc., which is the preferred Wi Fi chip with high efficiency and low cost in the market at present

at present, many consumer electronic products, including hand-held video recorders, digital cameras, and portable game consoles, can be individually regarded as a link of multi-functional streaming in the wireless local area network (Wi Fi) transmission environment. In the future, if intelligence also begins to join the popular list, all electronic products will be connected to each other through Wi Fi, which will form a huge business opportunity never seen in the market. " David borison, vice president of marketing of leiling technology, stressed: "Leiling technology's advantages in product innovation, size, energy consumption, and performance make it the best partner for handheld consumer electronics and manufacturers when considering product size and cost efficiency.

the Wi Fi single chip family of rt3180 and rt3680 designed specifically for the handheld consumer electronics market has been officially sent samples, and the rt8180 designed specifically for mobile devices included is expected to come out in the second half of next year. CTI forum reported

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